Al Masry Kids: A New and Unique Experience for Children at the Children's Museum

The songs of the “Fekra Band” band in the Christmas celebrations at the Children's Museum.. today

It starts at one o'clock in the afternoon Today, Friday, for 3 hours, the events organized by the Child Center for Civilization And creativity “Children’s Museum” to celebrate Christmas and Christmas, in the presence of Children and their parents are held in an atmosphere filled with love, peace and joy, what It makes it suitable for spending the most beautiful times with family and friends.

Dr. Osama Abdel Wareth, Director of the Child Center for Civilization and Creativity, said “Children's Museum” The celebration begins with musicals and Christmas songs by “Fekra Band”, during which it presents a variety of the latest songs in collaboration With the General Authority for Culture Palaces headed by Dr. Hisham Atwa.

Abdul-Warth added that the celebration includes a zoo activity entitled “It is not all cats and dogs,” which continues throughout the hours of celebration, and Ramez will rise Islam, who is in charge of the garden, introduces children to Egyptian wildlife and many other things Organisms such as reptiles, birds, and fish share Life on the planet and its importance on the planet and the characteristics that distinguish it and how Taking care of them and raising them, and during the day the children enjoy touching these animals And birds, playing and photographing with them.

The Children's Museum recently launched an art drawing competition Glimpses of India, for the ninth year in a row, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of India India in Egypt, and the Indian Cultural Center in Cairo, Maulana Azad, with the participation of Ministry of Education.

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