The child's center of civilization has not been established Creativity “The Children’s Museum” in its current form is born of the moment, but it was a product of development For the idea of recreational education keeping pace with the modern technological development to meet the needs The rising generations that rely on modern technology in all aspects of life.
 It was started on May 30, 1996, when it was opened for the first time The first is to be the first museum in the Middle East and North Africa to provide the child with a framework   An idea was adopted The main museum is to create a state of interaction between the child and the elements of the environment After twelve years, and in 2008, the Heliopolis Association saw it The museum affiliated with it developed the museum to keep pace with the technological development that took place in At that time, coordination was made with specialists in the field of museums and museum display, and after Numerous discussions and exchange of opinions settled on demolishing this museum and rebuilding it A new museum according to the latest international museum systems, as well as the development of its holdings to be More interesting and attractive to the child, and in April 2012, the Child Center for Civilization was opened And the creativity “Children’s Museum” opened its doors after development and modernization works as the largest museums For children in the Middle East, where he gives the child and the family a presentation on the contributions of civilization Egyptian in international sciences to be a national project that we are all proud of The project was built on an area of 13 acres, including the museum building, the cinema building, and a hall Seminars - Children's Library, in addition to the center's garden, which is a distinguished trip It is unique in that it simulates natural life on the banks of the Nile from the source Even the estuary, in addition to the children’s play area, is distinguished, helping the child to spend time Fun and energy in an open area and clean air, which made it It wins many international awards, as it won the first prize in 2012 The world is among the 30 museums around the world that have applied for it from the Foundation    Museums&HeritageEnglish and specialized in museums As the first museum in the Middle East, which was established to serve children The foundation of its civilization and its distinction in architectural form and exhibits.
The many and varied Pharaonic that increases the child's belonging to our Egypt Al-Ghalia also won the “Best” award in the field of “Heritage Education” From Croatia in 2013

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