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embodies a center of civilization and creativity Child (Children's Museum) The concept of entertainment and education on which the new generation relies In the development of modern technology in all aspects of life. Being the first museum For children in the MENA region, it provides the child with a framework Comprehensive knowledge about all stages of modern and ancient times of his homeland in an environment Interactive educational. From the first moment you enter the museum through the gates, The idea is inspired by the ancient Egyptians' relationship with the pyramids and astronomy to represent A mixture of the greatness of the past and a vision of the future. Let our children know that civilizations are built With knowledge and continuous learning, nations are built with knowledge as our ancient ancestors did. We are proud of them, their civilization, their knowledge and their commitment to the greatness of reverence for the Nile. Once As you pass through the main entrance to the museum, you will see in the garden a representation of the course of the Nile from Its source to estuary, it is built on 13 acres and includes a play area and animals And the birds.. The typical desert nomadic rural environment We invite you and your family to visit the museum and enjoy its unique and distinguished collection

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Civilization and Creativity Center is one of the most important interactive cultural and entertainment centers that aim to create a lifelong learning experience

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Helwan University organized a class graduation ceremony From the Bachelor's degree in International Hotel Management and Operation, and a graduation ceremony was held for the first batch of Bachelor's degree in Hotel Operations Management in Egypt, in Ahad, Markaz Park, with 84 attendees Students accompanied by their parents

The graduation ceremony was held in the presence of Dr Hossam Rifai, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs and Acting President Helwan University, under the supervision of Dr. Soha Abdel Wahhab, Dean of the Faculty of Tourism And hotels