Al Masry Kids: A New and Unique Experience for Children at the Children's Museum

Al-Masry Kids: A new and unique experience for children at the Children’s Museum
The Children’s Center for Civilization and Creativity “The Children’s Museum” opens its doors to receive school trips at various educational levels, starting from the beginning of the second grade, and to involve students of all educational levels in a wide range of workshops, ranging from arts, crafts, and scientific activities, with the aim of providing the child with scientific and cultural skills and knowledge. The theory that he can apply during his daily life.

For his part, Dr. Osama Abdel-Wareth, Director General of the Children’s Center for Civilization and Creativity, said that modern education depends on finding realistic educational methods, taken from the textbook, and helping the student achieve academic achievement, through watching and engaging in educational workshops instead of complex concepts and experiences, and this role is played by The Children's Museum, which allows school students to view scientific experiments and turn the pages of the book into a tangible reality.

Abdel-Wareth added that, as an example but not limited to a child’s visit to the mobile planetarium in the museum’s garden, it is a different educational entertainment experience that transports the viewer to a different time and place, through a large display screen in the shape of a hemisphere that completely covers the viewer, and displays a group of films about space and the depths of the sea. In addition to films about ancient Egyptian civilization.

He pointed out that the Children’s Center for Civilization and Creativity (The Children’s Museum) receives its visitors daily, throughout the week, starting at nine in the morning, with an emphasis on taking all precautionary measures to prevent the new Corona virus “Covid-19.”

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